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Friday, January 20, 2017


Un webinar sponsorizzato da Apex Learning che conferma diverse informazioni già note sul curriculum digitale, come le ragioni del suo successo e fornisce indicazioni su misure di supporto che debbono comunque sempre affiancare un curriculum digitale mettendo in luce tutte le criticità del Piano Scuola Digitale.
-Perché il curriculum digitale funziona:
-          Personalizzazione, feedback costante, gradevolezza e eterogeneità dei linguaggi rappresentativi delle applicazioni che aumentano la motivazione, apprendimento attivo, controllo sul timing di progressione, possibilità di progetti con i compagni, aspettative alte, rigore e analisi dati per supportare motivazione anziché tarparla-
-Cosa lo supporta:
-          Docente libero dal feeding di informazioni e disponibile per attività di supporto, coinvolgimento di tutti gli stakeholder (famiglie, studenti, docenti), supporto umano ed incoraggiamento.
-Chi può preparare un curriculum digitale personalizzato per ogni allievo (e già lo fa):
-          Azienda di servizi come Apex Learning che investe centinaia di migliaia di dollari in personale specializzato che a tempo pieno si dedica sia alla parte informatica che didattica e si fa pagare i suoi servizi
Pretendere di poter fare lo stesso nelle scuole italiane, sobbarcando docenti già oberati di lavoro con progettazioni extra gratis per partecipare a concorsi banditi dal ministero, mi sembra quanto meno molto poco realistico. Come animatore digitale chiedo esonero completo dalla docenza per tentare di avviare qualche piccolo esperimento grazie all’aiuto di colleghi adeguatamente specializzati sia nella parte informatica che didattica. Poi magari ne riparliamo.

 “Our presenters will provide examples of districts and schools that use personalized, competency-based blended learning to increase student motivation and graduation rates, and share resources and best practices that can help your district provide a path to success for all students.
Scheduled speakers:
Michael Horn

Co-Founder and Distinguished Fellow
Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
Valerie Wanza
Chief of Schools
Broward County School District (Fla.)
Daniel Gohl
Chief Academic Officer
Broward County School District
Scott Ebbrecht
Director, Alternative Education & Assessment
Westerville City Schools (Ohio)
M. Scott Reeves
Executive Director of Secondary Academic Affairs
Westerville City Schools (Ohio)

Ss engagement in a DE (digital environment)
  • How engaging and motivating Students (Ss) improves achievments
  • How implementing effective digital curricului brings better outcomes
  • Programs that reach all Ss
Motivation is critical. Research says Critical ingredient: how valuable a goal is for Ss - how Ss think they'll be successful to reach it. Need tot engage all the way:  understand what they want and get them there.
Story about Why people liked milkshakes: a Business wanted to improve sales - they stood back of restaurant and observed any time sb got a milkshake, took notes (time, dresses, where they ate it...) sold 2 times of the day: most early morn, rush hours, (by themselves, went to their car sipped it while going back) 30% afternoon  .... what where they trying to get done by buying it? Driver where asked 'tell a time when you where in the same situation and what you bought’ 30 drivers said “going to work I’m not particularly hungry, but if I do not eat I'll be starving by 10 , need to get to lunch , want to be awake at the wheels , last week tried with bagels but too dry you must put jam , get dirty, doughnuts but I have to rely on my wife to buy them , bananas gone too quickly and I'm starving, milkshake does the job, it's sticky so it takes time to suck it with straw, last 30 min, right time to get to work, keeps me full till lunch , one hand is free, ...” so the milkshake did the job better - if you understand u can improve it: the business opened a fast lane for getting it, not necessary to prepare healthy  ones (nobody cares). Understanding the job means understanding what keeps people in.
What's the job schools have to do? Ss do not hire school with money, but with their time , motivating them means they'll put their time in it
Ss jobs to be done 
  • experience success & make progress
  • have fun with friends
School doesn't do it well
-Success can be experienced at the end of the unit or with an exam/Tests design to sort Ss into intervals, opposite of what they are trying to do progress/having success
-Fun is ltd to extracurricular activities . There are activities which give Ss success and fun (athletics, art, video games, dropping out of school) school are not motivating
How would u make Ss engaging! Digital curriculum could do it
Digital learning (Lg) can change the game (build motivation)
  • active Lg= constant opportunity for success (prompt feedback , Ss move on when they are ready)
  • Multiple modalities representations builds success (possibility to connect with the material)
  • Personalized=pitched at right level to build belief (not too hard to cause insuccess, not too easy so as to get them bored)
  • Ss have control over pace, paths build agency (Ss start believing the efforts they put in it will be a success and the ability to be successful are in their hands and depend on what they do on their daily basis) 
  • Right is right= rigor, high expectations, true success (builds it in Ss) 
  • Build Knowledge so Ss can work together on projects, have fun with friends (digital Lg does not substitute teaching, but gives the teacher the possibility to give Ss high level support instead of delivering just information) 
  • Can embed mastery, success 
  • Uses data to build, not shred, motivation
Digital ex are active and engaging - not Ts (teachers) filmed and on the screen: still has passive element in it , feeding Lg not grappling with it, simulation/ 
Clear goals chunked for Ss, they know how to measure their success and what they should be achieving , continuous scaffolding.
Traditional systems offers fixed-time for the variable Lg (content, testing, progress to next grade, receive results).
Digital Lg can build mastery Lg: offer Lg experience to Ss, instant feedback, progress to next body of material (time becomes the variable, they progress only when they master) 
Digi Lg can harness Ss motivation

Example of  school Broward County School district in Florida
Digi tech can help improvement. Ss in the school are very different (nationality)
How to make sure they stay engaged
Programs must be measured by results
  • goals: increase graduation rate, instructional rigor, flexible options, success measured when Ss go to college and carrer
  • Programs: different path for every Ss, but with benchmark
  • Results: highest 5-year graduation rate (sten)
Ss come to school and want to be there: best practices
  • check attendance 90% daily attendance
  • Get them graduation ready (track their progresses)
  • Multiple credit recovery option
  • Socio-emotional Lg support (mentoring, behavioral and counseling supports) 
  • Attendance tracking
  • Get industry certifications or credential
Broward County Success Story : flexible scheduling hours, small class size, personalized Lg etc

Ex of Westerville Ohio. Smaller schools. Suburban  schools.
Education option for success for not successful Ss
Program for Ss credit recovery program
80% go on to college

Program and result
It Meets the needs of at risk Ss
  • attendance, credit attainment, failed in traditional high schools
(The academic Enrichment center)
  • Create Ss experience that bring to success
  • 88% of Ss met academic plan
  • 91% grow in soc emotional develop
Goal setting and checking every day (report for parents about week)
Best practices:
  • program flexibility
  • Input and feedback from Ts parents and students
  • Consistent expectaction 
  • Continuously collecting and analyzing data (attendance, results etc)
Ex of successstory (girl with drug problems)
Ss understand this school is the last stop for graduation.  Daily constant Feedback. After a year she has earned credits and she is thinking about being a T
Graduation strategy and life strategy

Apex Lg, experts in digi curr
  • effective digi curr
  • Actionable data
  • Partnership for success
More Lg happens

  • setting high expectations
  • lLg experience that is relevant so engaging
  • Not just watching a video but actively engaged 
  • Content rigorous but with support and flexibility
  • Environment where Ss can take control (hold them accountable for their behavior) 

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